Übersetzung von “give up (something)” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch

give up (something)

phrasal verb with give uk /ɡɪv/ us /ɡɪv/ verb present participle giving, past tense gave, past participle given

B1 If you give up something bad, such as smoking, you stop doing it or having it.

smettere (di fare qualcosa)
I gave up smoking two years ago. Ho smesso di fumare due anni fa.

to stop doing an activity or piece of work before you have completed it, usually because it is too difficult

rinunciare (a qualcosa), lasciar perdere (qualcosa)
I gave up trying to help her. Ho rinunciato a cercare di aiutarla.
You’ll never guess the answer – do you give up? Non indovinerai mai la risposta – ti arrendi?
I had to give up halfway through the race. Ho dovuto rinunciare a metà corsa.

B1 mainly UK to stop doing a regular activity or job

smettere qualcosa
Are you going to give up work when you have your baby? Smetterai di lavorare quando ti nasce il bambino?

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