Übersetzung von “good” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ɡʊd/ us /ɡʊd/ comparative better, superlative best

A1 enjoyable or nice

buono, bello
a good book un bel libro
Did you have a good time at the party? Ti sei divertito alla festa?

A1 of a high quality

The food at this restaurant is very good. Si mangia molto bene a quel ristorante.

A1 able to do something well

Anna is a good cook. Anna è una brava cuoca.
I’m not very good at wrapping presents. Non sono molto bravo a incartare i regali.

A1 kind or helpful

buono, gentile
My friends were very good to me when I was ill. I miei amici sono stati molto gentili con me quando ero malato.

A1 something you say when you are pleased about something

Oh good, he’s arrived at last. Bene, finalmente è arrivato.
be good for someone

A1 to have a positive or useful effect on someone

fare bene a qualcuno
Fruit is good for you. La frutta fa bene.

A1 informal something that you say when a person asks how you are or how someone you know is

‘How are you, Emily?’ ‘I’m good, thanks!’ “Come stai, Emily?” “Bene, grazie!”

A2 A good child or animal behaves well.

buono, bravo

A2 suitable or satisfactory

buono, opportuno
When would be a good time to call? Quando sarebbe un momento opportuno per chiamare?

B1 morally right

a good person una brava persona
be as good as gold

(of a child) to behave very well

essere buono come un angelo
She’s been as good as gold all morning. È stata buona come un angelo tutta la mattina.
noun uk /ɡʊd/ us /ɡʊd/

something that is an advantage or help to a person or situation

It’s hard work, but it’s for your own good. È dura, ma è per il tuo bene.

[ no plural ] what people think is morally right

Children don’t always understand the difference between good and bad. I bambini non sempre capiscono la differenza tra il bene e il male.
do someone good

to be useful or helpful to someone

fare bene a qualcuno
A holiday will do you good. Una vacanza ti farà bene.
for good


per sempre
When he was 20, he left home for good. A vent’anni è andato via di casa per sempre.

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