Die Übersetzung von "grasp" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


verb uk /ɡrɑːsp/ us /ɡræsp/

to take hold of something firmly with your hand

afferrare, agguantare
He grasped my hand. Mi ha afferrato la mano.

to understand something

I didn’t grasp what she was saying. Non ho afferrato quello che diceva.
grasp the nettle UK

to force yourself to be brave and do something that is difficult or unpleasant

prendere il toro per le corna
You’ve been putting off making that phone call for days – I think it’s about time you grasped the nettle! Hai rimandato per giorni di fare quella telefonata – credo che sia l’ora che tu prenda il toro per le corna!

Phrasal Verb (n)

noun [ no plural ] uk /ɡrɑːsp/ us /ɡræsp/

an understanding of something

conoscenza, comprensione
He has an / excellent grasp of English. Ha un’ / ottima conoscenza dell’inglese.

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