Die Übersetzung von "hire" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


verb uk /haɪər/ present participle hiring, past tense and past participle hired

B1 UK to pay money in order to use something for a short time

prendere a nolo, noleggiare
They hired a car for a few weeks. Hanno preso a noleggio una macchina per qualche settimana.

to employ someone or pay them to do a particular job

ingaggiare, assumere
We hired a new secretary last week. Abbiamo assunto una nuova segretaria la scorsa settimana.

Phrasal Verb (n)

noun [ no plural ] uk /haɪər/

an arrangement to use something for a short time by paying for it

nolo, noleggio
Do you have bikes for hire? Avete biciclette a noleggio?

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