Die Übersetzung von "in" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


preposition uk /ɪn/ us /ɪn/

A1 inside a container or place

We have a shop in Manhattan. Abbiamo un negozio a Manhattan.
He put his hand in his pocket. Si è messo la mano in tasca.

A1 during a period of time

We’re going to Italy in April. Andiamo in Italia in Aprile.
in 2016 nel 2016

A2 needing or using no more time than a particular amount of time

I finished the job in two weeks. Ho finito il lavoro in due settimane.

A2 after a particular amount of time in the future

Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Cena sarà pronta fra dieci minuti.

A2 forming a part of something

I’ve been waiting in this queue for a long time. Sono in coda da molto tempo.

B1 connected with a particular subject

advances in medical science progressi nelle scienze mediche

B1 wearing

vestito di, con
Do you know that man in the grey suit? Conosci quell’uomo che indossa l’abito grigio?
a woman in black una donna vestita di nero

B1 experiencing an emotion or condition

in, di
She’s in a good mood this morning. Stamani è di buon umore.
They are in danger. Sono in pericolo.

B1 arranged in a particular way

Is this list in alphabetical order? È in ordine alfabetico questa lista?
We all sat down in a circle. Ci siamo tutti seduti in cerchio.

B1 expressed or written in a particular way

They spoke in Russian the whole time. Hanno parlato in russo per tutto il tempo.

involved in a particular type of job

He wants a career in politics. Desidera una carriera politica.
adverb uk /ɪn/ us /ɪn/

A2 into an area or space from the outside of it

She took off her shoes and socks and jumped in. Si è tolta le scarpe e i calzini e si è tuffata nell’acqua.

B1 at the place where a person usually lives or works

in casa/in ufficio
I called, but she wasn’t in. Sono passata a trovarla ma non c’era.

If a train, plane, etc. is in, it has arrived at the place it was going to.

in stazione/aeroporto
My train gets in at 9.54. Il mio treno arriva alle 9.54.

written abbreviation for inch: a unit for measuring length

abbreviazione scritta di “inch”

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