Übersetzung von “jog” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /dʒɒɡ/ us /dʒɑɡ/ present participle jogging, past tense and past participle jogged

B1 to run slowly for exercise

fare footing, correre
I jog through the park every morning. Faccio footing nel parco ogni mattina.
jog someone’s memory

to make someone remember something

aiutare qualcuno a ricordare, rinfrescare la memoria a qualcuno
They hoped the photographs would jog his memory. Speravano che le fotografie lo aiutassero a ricordare.
noun uk /dʒɒɡ/ us /dʒɑɡ/

a slow run that you do for exercise

corsa, sessione di footing
We could go for a jog. Potremmo andare a fare footing.

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