Übersetzung von “just” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


adverb uk strong /dʒʌst/ us /dʒʌst/ weak /dʒəst/ us /dʒʌst/

A2 a very short time ago

I’ve just seen him. L’ho appena visto.
We’ve only just begun. Abbiamo appena iniziato.

A2 now or very soon

appena, subito
The game is just beginning. La partita sta appena cominciando.
I’m just coming! Vengo subito!

B1 only

I’ll just have a small piece. Ne prendo soltanto un pezzo piccolo.
He just wants to win. Vuole semplicemente vincere.
The movie is not just about love. Il film non parla soltanto d’amore.

B1 used to make something you are saying stronger

I just hate it! Lo detesto proprio!

B1 exactly

Tim looks just like his father. Tim assomiglia proprio a suo padre.

B1 almost not

appena, quasi non
This dress only just fits. Questo vestito mi sta appena.
just about

B1 almost

I think I remembered just about everything. Mi pare di essermi ricordato quasi tutto.
be just about to do something

B1 to be going to do something very soon

stare per fare qualcosa
I was just about to call you. Stavo proprio per chiamarti.
just as bad, good, important, etc. (as someone/something)

B1 equally bad, good, important, etc.

tanto cattivo, bravo, importante, ecc. (quanto qualcuno/qualcosa)
He’s just as clever as his brother. È intelligente proprio come suo fratello.
Your attitude is just as important as your skill. L’atteggiamento giusto è importante quanto l’abilità stessa.
just before, over, under, etc.

B1 a little before, over, under, etc. something else

appena prima, sopra, sotto, ecc.
It costs just under £10. Costa poco meno di £10.
it’s just as well

used to say that it is lucky that something happened

meno male
It’s just as well we brought an umbrella. Meno male che abbiamo preso l’ombrello.


adjective uk /dʒʌst/ us /dʒʌst/

fair or morally right

giusto, equo
a just society una società giusta

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