Übersetzung von “key” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /kiː/ us /ki/

A1 a piece of metal that you use for locking a door or starting an engine

I’ve lost my car keys. Ho perso le chiavi della macchina.

A2 a list of answers to an exercise or game

The answer key is on page 134. La chiave delle risposte è a pagina 134.

one of the parts you press on a computer keyboard to produce letters and numbers


one of the parts you press on a musical instrument to make a sound


a set of musical notes based on one particular note

chiave, tonalità
the key of D major la chiave di re maggiore
the key to something

B1 the thing that you must do in order to achieve something

la chiave di/per qualcosa
Hard work is the key to success. Lavorare duramente è la chiave del successo.
adjective uk /kiː/ us /ki/

very important in influencing or achieving something

a key factor in solving the problem un fattore chiave nella soluzione del problema
verb uk /kiː/ us /ki/ also key in

to put information into a computer using a keyboard

Key in your name and password. Digita il nome e la password.

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