Die Übersetzung von "know" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


verb uk /nəʊ/ us /noʊ/ past tense knew, past participle known

A1 to have information about something in your mind

‘How old is she?’ ‘I don’t know.’ “Quanti anni ha?” “Non lo so.”
He knew that she was lying. Sapeva che stava mentendo.

A1 used to ask someone to tell you a piece of information

Do you know where the post office is? Sai dirmi dov’è l’ufficio postale?

A2 to be certain

I know she’ll be really pleased to hear the news. So che sarà molto felice di sentire la notizia.

A2 to be able to do something

saper fare
Do you know how to ski? Sai sciare?

B1 to have spent time with someone or in a place so that the person or place is not new to you

I’ve known Al since we were children. Conosco Al da quando eravamo bambini.
I grew up in Brussels so I know it well. Sono cresciuto a Bruxelles quindi la conosco bene.
let someone know something

A2 to tell someone something

fare sapere qualcosa a qualcuno
I’ll let you know where we are meeting when I know my schedule. Ti farò sapere dove ci incontreremo quando saprò il mio programma.
Let me know if you’re going to the party. Fammi sapere se vai alla festa.
I know

used when you agree with something someone has just said

lo so
‘It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?’ ‘I know – let’s hope it lasts.’ “È una bellissima giornata, ti pare?” “Lo so – speriamo che duri.”
you know

B1 used to make sure someone understands which person or thing you are talking about

I was talking about Rachel – you know, the tall woman with the blond hair. Stavo parlando di Rachel – sai, la donna alta con i capelli biondi.

B1 also know about If you know a subject, or you know about it, you are familiar with it and understand it.

intendersi di
Ask Andy to fix it – he knows about computers. Chiedi a Andy di ripararlo – lui s’intende di computer.
be known as…

B1 to be called

essere conosciuto/noto come…
California is also known as the Sunshine State. La California è anche nota come lo Stato del Sole.
get to know someone/something

B1 to gradually learn more about someone or something

imparare a conoscere qualcuno/qualcosa
I got to know Frank at work. Ho imparato a conoscere Frank al lavoro.
as far as I know

used to say that you think something is true, but cannot be sure

per quel che so, per quanto ne so io
As far as I know, he isn’t married. Per quanto ne so, non è sposato.
know what’s what

If you know what’s what, you have a lot of experience and can judge people and situations well

sapere il da farsi, sapere come stanno le cose
Linda’s been in the business for 30 years – she knows what’s what. Linda è in questo mestiere da 30 anni – sa come stanno le cose.

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