Übersetzung von “like” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


preposition uk /laɪk/ us /lɑɪk/

A2 similar to someone or something

He looks like his father.
They were acting like children.
It sounded like Michelle.
what is someone/something like?

A2 something you say when you want someone to describe someone or something

come è qualcuno/qualcosa?
I haven’t met him – what’s he like? Non l’ho conosciuto – che tipo è?
What’s your new dress like? Com’è il tuo nuovo vestito?

B1 for example

She looks best in bright colours like red and pink. Sta meglio vestita cono colori vivaci come il rosso e il rosa.

typical or characteristic of

da, tipico di
It’s not like you to be so quiet – are you all right? Non è da te essere così silenzioso – stai bene?
verb uk /laɪk/ us /lɑɪk/ present participle liking, past tense and past participle liked

A1 to enjoy something or think that someone or something is nice

I like to paint in my spare time. Amo dipingere nel mio tempo libero.
He really likes her. Lei gli piace davvero.
What do you like about him? Che cos’è che ti piace di lui?
→ Opposite dislike
would like something

A1 to want something

vorrei qualcosa, vorresti qualcosa, ecc.
I’d like to meet him. Mi piacerebbe conoscerlo.
I’d like some bread, please. Vorrei del pane, per favore.
would you like…?

A1 used to offer someone something

usato per offrire qualcosa a qualcuno: vorresti…?, vorreste…?
Would you like a drink? Vorresti qualcosa da bere?
Would you like to eat now? Vuoi mangiare ora?
if you like

A2 used when you offer someone something

se vuoi/volete
If you like, I can drive you there. Se vuoi, ti ci porto in macchina.
conjunction uk /laɪk/ us /lɑɪk/ informal

B1 in the same way as

Do it exactly like I told you to. Fallo esattamente come ti ho detto.

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