Übersetzung von “look” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /lʊk/ us /lʊk/

A1 to turn your eyes in the direction of something or someone so that you can see it or them

Look at the picture on page two. Guardate la figura a pagina due.
He was looking out of the window. Guardava fuori della finestra.

A1 to try to find someone or something

I’m looking for my keys. Sto cercando le chiavi.
I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find my bag. Ho guardato dappertutto ma non trovo la borsa.
look nice, strange, etc.

A2 used to describe the appearance of a person or thing

sembrare simpatico, bello, strano, ecc.
Her dress looks really nice. Il suo vestito è proprio carino.
You look tired. Hai l’aspetto stanco.
look like someone/something

B1 used to say that the appearance of a person or thing is similar to the appearance of another person or thing

assomigliare a qualcuno/qualcosa, sembrare qualcuno/qualcosa
You look like your sister. Assomigli a tua sorella.
He looks like a friendly person. Sembra una persona simpatica.
it looks like; it looks as if

B1 used to say that something will probably happen

sembra che
It looks as if he isn’t coming. Sembra che non venga.
look as if/as though

used to describe the appearance of a person or thing

sembrare come se
She looked as if she was going to cry. Sembrava che stesse per piangere.

something you say when you are annoyed and you want people to listen to you

ascolta!, ascoltate!
Look! I’ve had enough of your complaining. Ascolta! Ne ho avuto abbastanza delle tue lamentele.

to face a particular direction

guardare a, essere rivolto verso
The garden looks south. Il giardino è esposto a sud.
noun uk /lʊk/ us /lʊk/

B1 an act of looking at someone or something

Take a look at this website. Dai un’occhiata a questo sito.
You took some new pictures – can I have a look? Hai fatto delle nuove fotografie – posso dare un’occhiata?
have a look (for something)

B1 to try to find something

cercare qualcosa, dare un’occhiata, fare una ricerca
I’ve had a look in the drawer but I can’t find your passport. Ho dato un’occhiata nel cassetto ma non trovo il tuo passaporto.
I had / another look for the watch, but couldn’t find it. Ho cercato di nuovo l’orologio ma non l’ho trovato.

an expression on someone’s face

aspetto, aria
She had a worried look on her face. Aveva un’espressione preoccupata.
someone’s looks [ plural ]

a person’s appearance, especially how attractive he or she is

l’aspetto fisico di qualcuno
I liked his looks. Mi piaceva il suo aspetto.
the look of someone/something

the appearance of someone or something

l’aspetto di qualcuno/qualcosa
They liked the look of the hotel, but it was too expensive. Dall’aspetto l’albergo gli piaceva ma era troppo caro.

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