Übersetzung von “love” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /lʌv/ us /lʌv/ present participle loving, past tense and past participle loved

A1 to like someone very much and have sexual feelings for them

Last night he told me he loved me. Ieri sera mi ha detto che mi amava.

A1 to like a friend or a person in your family very much

I’m sure he loves his kids. Sono certo che ama i suoi figli.

A1 to like something very much

He loves his music. Adora la musica.
She loves animals. Ama gli animali.
would love something/to do something

A2 used to say that you want something very much

desiderare molto qualcosa/di fare qualcosa
I’d love some chocolate! Vorrei proprio della cioccolata!
I’d love to be an actor. Vorrei proprio diventare attore.
I’d love to

A2 used to say that you would very much like to do something that someone is offering

mi piacerebbe molto
‘I wondered if you’d like to meet up sometime?’ ‘I’d love to.’ “Mi chiedevo se ti piacerebbe che ci incontrassimo uno di questi giorni?” “Mi piacerebbe molto.”
noun uk /lʌv/ us /lʌv/

B1 [ no plural ] the feeling of liking someone very much and having sexual feelings for them

a love song una canzone d’amore

B1 [ no plural ] the feeling of liking a friend or person in your family very much

amore, affetto
Nothing is as strong as the love / you have for your kids. Niente è forte come l’amore / che nutriamo per i figli.

B1 a person that you love and feel attracted to

She was my first love. Lei è stata il mio primo amore.

something that interests you a lot

his love of books la sua passione per i libri
love; all my love

A2 something you write at the end of a letter to a friend or someone in your family

espressione di commiato alla fine di una lettera ad amici o parenti
Love, Mum Con affetto, mamma
in love

B1 having a strong feeling that you love someone

I’m in love with him. Sono innamorato di lui.
fall in love

B1 to start to love someone

I was 20 when I first fell in love. Avevo 20 anni quando mi sono innamorato per la prima volta.
make love

to have sex

fare l’amore

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