Übersetzung von “matter” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈmæt·ər/ us /ˈmæt̬·ər/

a subject or situation that you need to think about or do something about

Could I talk to you about a personal matter? Ti potrei parlare di una questione personale?
This is a matter of some importance. Questa è una questione di una certa importanza.

[ no plural ] In science, matter is the physical substances that exist in the universe.

what’s the matter?

A2 used to ask about the reason for a problem

che cosa c’è che non va?
What’s the matter with your leg? Che cosa c’è che non va con la tua gamba?
no matter how, what, when, etc.

used to say that something cannot be changed

qualunque cosa, momento, modo, ecc.
I never manage to lose any weight, no matter how hard I try. Non riesco mai a perdere peso qualunque cosa faccia.
as a matter of fact

used to say that something is true, especially when it is surprising

per dire la verità
As a matter of fact, I used to live near him. Per dire la verità, abitavo vicino a lui.
to make matters worse

used to say that something makes a situation more difficult, unpleasant, etc.

per peggiorare le cose
To make matters worse, our car broke down! Per peggiorare le cose, la macchina ha avuto un guasto!
a matter of life and/or death

a serious situation where people could die

una questione di vita o di morte
Getting water to these people is a matter of life and death. Far arrivare l’acqua a questa gente è una questione di vita o di morte.
verb uk /ˈmæt·ər/ us /ˈmæt̬·ər/

A2 to be important

avere importanza
We were late, but it didn’t seem to matter. Eravamo in ritardo ma sembrava non avere importanza.
It doesn’t matter to me whether he comes or not. Non m’importa se viene o no.

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