Übersetzung von “only” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


adverb uk /ˈəʊn·li/ us /ˈoʊn·li/

A1 not more than a particular size or amount

It’ll only take a few minutes. Ci vorranno solo pochi minuti.
She’s only twelve. Ha solo dodici anni.

A2 not anyone or anything else

The offer is available to UK residents only. L’offerta è valida solo per i residenti del Regno Unito.

B1 used to mean that something happened a very short time ago

soltanto, appena
She’s only just got here. È appena arrivata.

B1 used to say that something is not important, or that you did not mean to upset someone

Don’t worry – it’s only a scratch. Non ti preoccupare – è solo un graffio.
I was only joking. Stavo solo scherzando.

B1 not in any other place

These birds are only found in New Zealand. Questi uccelli si trovano solo in Nuova Zelanda.
if only

used to express a wish for something that is impossible or unlikely to happen

se soltanto
If only I knew the answer! Se soltanto sapessi la risposta!
I only hope/wish

used to emphasize what you are hoping or wishing for

spero soltanto/vorrei soltanto
I only hope you know what you’re doing. Spero soltanto che tu sappia quello che stai facendo.
I only wish that I had more time. Vorrei soltanto avere più tempo.
not only… (but) also…

used to say that more than one thing is true

non solo… ma anche…
Not only did he turn up late, he also forgot his books. Non solo è arrivato tardi, ma ha anche dimenticato i libri.
adjective uk /ˈəʊnli/ us /ˈoʊn·li/

A1 used to mean that there are no others

This could be our only chance. Questa potrebbe essere la nostra unica speranza.
You’re the only person here I know. Sei l’unica persona che conosco qui.
conjunction uk /ˈəʊnli/ us /ˈoʊn·li/


solo che, solamente che
I would pay for it myself, only I don’t have the money. Lo pagherei io stesso, solo che non ho i soldi.

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