Die Übersetzung von "open" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ˈəʊ·pən/ us /ˈoʊ·pən/

A2 not closed or fastened

an open door una porta aperta
Is there an open bottle of water? C’è una bottiglia di acqua aperta?

A1 A shop or business is open during the time it can do business.

Most shops are open on Sundays. La maggior parte dei negozi sono aperti di domenica.

B1 An open area of land has no buildings on it or near it.

large open spaces grandi spazi all’aperto
verb uk /ˈəʊ·pən/ us /ˈoʊ·pən/

A1 If you open something, you make it change to a position that is not closed.

Could you open the window? Potresti aprire la finestra?
Open your eyes. Apri gli occhi.

A1 If something opens, it changes to a position that is not closed.

aprire, aprirsi
The gate won’t open, so we can’t get in. Il cancello non si apre, quindi non possiamo entrare.

A2 to remove part of a container or parcel so that you can see or use what it contains

Come on, open your present! Su, apri il tuo regalo!
I can’t open this bottle. Non riesco ad aprire questa bottiglia.

A2 If a shop or office opens at a particular time of day, it starts to do business at that time.

What time does the bank open? A che ora apre la banca?

B1 to make a computer document or program ready to be read or used

First, open the file called Statistics. Prima di tutto aprite il file chiamato Statistica.

If a business or activity opens, or if you open it, it starts officially for the first time.

That restaurant’s new – it only opened last month. Quel ristorante è nuovo – è aperto solo il mese scorso.
The new hospital will be opened by the mayor. Il nuovo ospedale verrà aperto dal sindaco.

Phrasal Verb (n)

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