Übersetzung von “order” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈɔː·dər/ us /ˈɔr·dər/

A2 a request for food or drinks in a restaurant, or to make or supply goods

Has the waiter taken your order? Il cameriere ha preso la tua ordinazione?

B1 the arrangement of a group of people or things in a list from first to last

The names are in alphabetical order. I nomi sono in ordine alfabetico.
We put the tasks in order of importance. Abbiamo messo le mansioni in ordine di importanza.
Please keep the books in order (= arranged correctly) on the shelf. Si prega di tenere i libri in ordine sullo scaffale.
Don’t get the pages out of order (= not arranged correctly). Non mettere le pagine in disordine.

something that someone tells you that you must do

You must obey orders at all times. Dovete obbedire gli ordini in ogni momento.

[ no plural ] the state of everything being tidy and in its correct place

I like to have my desk in order. Mi piace avere la scrivania in ordine.
out of order

B1 If a machine is out of order, it is not working.

The coffee machine is out of order. La macchina del caffè è guasta.
in order to do something

B1 so that you can do something

per fare qualcosa
She worked all summer in order to save some money. Ha lavorato tutta l’estate per mettere da parte un po’ di soldi.
verb uk /ˈɔː·dər/ us /ˈɔr·dər/

A2 to ask for food or drinks in a restaurant, or to ask someone to make or supply goods

Have you ordered any drinks? Hai ordinato qualcosa da bere?
We ordered new lights for the kitchen. Abbiamo ordinato delle nuove luci per la cucina.

to tell someone that they must do something

He ordered / them to leave. Gli ha ordinato di andare via.

to arrange a group of people or things in a list from first to last

Have you ordered the pages correctly? Hai messo le pagine nell’ordine giusto?

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