Übersetzung von “pull” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /pʊl/ us /pʊl/

A2 to take hold of something and move it towards you

She pulled the door open. Ha aperto la porta.
Pull up your socks. Tirati su i calzini.
A child was pulling at his sleeve. Un bambino lo tirava per la manica.
pull something off, out, up, etc.

B1 to take hold of something and use physical effort to remove it from somewhere

togliere, togliersi, staccare, sollevare, ecc. qualcosa
He pulled off his sweater. Si è tolto il maglione.
I pulled the plug out. Ho tolto la spina.
pull yourself along, up, etc.

to take hold of something and use effort to move your body

trascinarsi, tirarsi su, ecc.
She pulled herself up the stairs, holding onto the rail. Si è trascinata su per le scale, reggendosi al corrimano.

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