Übersetzung von “push” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /pʊʃ/ us /pʊʃ/

A2 to move someone or something by pressing them with your hands or body

He pushed / me out of the door. Mi ha spinto fuori della porta.
Someone pushed / him into the river. Qualcuno lo ha spinto nel fiume.

B1 to press something

If you push this button, your seat will go back. Se premi questo pulsante, il sedile si sposterà indietro.

B1 to move somewhere by moving someone or something away from you

farsi strada, spingersi
She pushed through the crowd. Si è fatta strada tra la folla.
push someone to do something

to try hard to make someone do something

spingere qualcuno a fare qualcosa
My parents have always pushed me to do well in school. I miei genitori mi hanno sempre spinto a fare bene a scuola.
push yourself

to work very hard in order to achieve something

She really pushed herself to pass her exams. Si è veramente impegnata a superare gli esami.
push your luck

to try too hard to get a particular result and risk losing what you have achieved

forzare la mano alla fortuna
She’s agreed to help on Saturday, but I think I’d be pushing my luck if I asked her to be here the whole weekend. Ha acconsentito di aiutare il sabato ma credo che tenterei la sorte se gli chiedessi di stare qui per tutto il fine settimana.
noun uk /pʊʃ/ us /pʊʃ/

B1 an act of moving someone or something by pressing them with your hands or body

She gave / him a little push towards the door. L’ha spinto leggermente verso la porta.

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