Übersetzung von “separate” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ˈsep·ər·ət/ us /ˈsep·ər·ət/

B1 not joined or touching anything else

I try to keep meat separate from other food. Cerco di tenere la carne separata dal resto del cibo.

B1 different

diverso, differente
Use a separate sheet of paper for the next exercise. Fate il prossimo esercizio su un foglio separato.

not related

I try to keep my work and my private life separate. Cerco di tenere il lavoro separato dalla mia vita privata.


verb uk /ˈsep·ər·eɪt/ us /ˈsep·əˌreɪt/ present participle separating, past tense and past participle separated

to divide into parts, or to make something divide into parts

separare, separarsi, dividere, dividersi
I separated / the class into three groups. Ho diviso / la classe in tre gruppi.

to move apart, or to make people move apart

separare, separarsi
I’ll separate you two if you don’t stop talking! Voi due vi separo se non la finite di parlare!

to start to live in a different place from your husband or wife because the relationship has ended

My parents separated when I was four. I miei genitori si sono separati quando avevo quattro anni.

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