Übersetzung von “signal” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈsɪɡ·nəl/ us /ˈsɪɡ·nəl/

a movement, light, or sound that gives information, or tells people what to do

Don’t move until I give the signal. Non ti muovere finché non ti do il segnale.

a series of electrical waves that are sent to a radio, television, mobile phone, etc.

My phone doesn’t work here – there’s no signal. Il mio cellulare qui non funziona – non c’è segnale.
verb uk /ˈsɪɡ·nəl/ us /ˈsɪɡ·nəl/ present participle UK signalling or US signaling, past tense and past participle UK signalled or US signaled

to make a movement that gives information or tells people what to do

segnalare, dare il segnale
He signalled for them to be quiet. Gli ha fatto cenno di fare silenzio.

(Übersetzung von “signal” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)