Die Übersetzung von "silence" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈsaɪ·ləns/ us /ˈsɑɪ·ləns/

B1 [ no plural ] a lack of sound

The three men ate in silence. I tre uomini hanno mangiato in silenzio.

a period of time in which there is complete quiet or no speaking

There were long silences during the discussion. Ci sono stati dei lunghi silenzi durante la discussione.
verb uk /ˈsaɪ·ləns/ us /ˈsɑɪ·ləns/ present participle silencing, past tense and past participle silenced

to stop something making a sound or stop someone from talking

mettere a tacere
He silenced the alarm. Ha spento l’allarme.

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