Übersetzung von “stem” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /stem/ us /stem/

the long, thin part of a plant that the leaves and flowers grow on

stelo, gambo

the vertical part of a glass or similar container which supports the part into which you put liquid:

Champagne glasses usually have long stems. I bicchieri da champagne di solito hanno il gambo lungo.
verb uk /stem/ us /stem/ present participle stemming, past tense and past participle stemmed

to stop something unwanted from spreading or increasing:

These measures are designed to stem the rise of violent crime. Questi provvedimenti hanno lo scopo di arginare l’aumento del crimine violento.

to stop the flow of a liquid such as blood:

She tied a handkerchief around the wound to stem the flow of blood. Ha legato un fazzoletto intorno alla ferita per limitare la fuoriuscita di sangue.

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