Übersetzung von “study” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ˈstʌd·i/ us /ˈstʌd·i/ present participle studying, past tense and past participle studied

A1 to learn about a subject, usually at school or university

I studied biology before going into medicine. Ho studiato biologia prima di fare medicina.

to look at something very carefully

He studied his face in the mirror. Si è esaminato il viso allo specchio.

to examine a subject in detail in order to discover new information

Researchers have been studying how babies learn to speak. I ricercatori hanno studiato il modo in cui i bambini imparano a parlare.
noun uk /ˈstʌdi/ us / ˈstʌd·i/
studies [ plural ]

A2 the work that you do while you are at a college or university

I’m enjoying my studies a lot more this year. Trovo che studiare quest’anno sia molto più piacevole.

[ no plural ] the activity of learning about a subject, usually in school or at a college or university

the study of English literature lo studio della letteratura inglese

B1 plural studies a room in a house where you can read, write, etc.


plural studies a piece of work that examines a subject in detail in order to find new information

For years, studies have shown the link between smoking and cancer. La ricerca dimostra l’esistenza del legame tra il fumo e il cancro.

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