Übersetzung von “thick” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /θɪk/ us /θɪk/

B1 Something that is thick is larger than usual between its opposite sides.

a thick layer of snow uno strato spesso di neve
→ Opposite thin

used to say how long the distance is from one side of something to the other

di spessore
a piece of wood six inches thick un pezzo di legno di quindici centimetri di spessore

B1 growing very close together and in large amounts

fitto, folto
thick, dark hair capelli folti e scuri

Thick smoke, cloud, or fog is difficult to see through.

denso, fitto
Thick, black smoke was pouring out of the chimney. Del fumo denso e nero usciva dal camino.

A thick substance or liquid has a lot of water in it.

a thick sauce una salsa densa

UK informal not intelligent

tonto, deficiente

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