Übersetzung von “think” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /θɪŋk/ us /θɪŋk/ past tense and past participle thought

A1 to believe that something is true, or to expect that something will happen, although you are not sure

credere, pensare
I think we’ve met before. Credo che ci siamo già incontrati.
Do you think it’s going to rain? Credi che pioverà?

A1 to have an opinion about something or someone

credere, pensare
What did you think of the show? Che cosa hai pensato dello spettacolo?
I think it’s her best book so far. Credo che sia il suo miglior libro finora.

B1 to use the brain to plan something, solve a problem, understand a situation, etc.

He thought for a few seconds before answering. Ha riflettuto per qualche secondo prima di rispondere.
I was just thinking about Caroline when she called. Stavo proprio pensando a Caroline quando mi ha telefonato.

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