Übersetzung von “tip” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /tɪp/ us /tɪp/

B1 a piece of useful advice

consiglio, suggerimento
gardening tips consigli di giardinaggio

B1 an extra amount of money that you give to someone such as a driver to thank him or her for a service

We left a big tip because the waiter was so friendly. Abbiamo lasciato una bella mancia perché il cameriere era molto simpatico.

the end of something long and narrow

the tips of your fingers la punta delle dita
be on the tip of someone’s tongue

If a word is on the tip of your tongue, you want to say it but cannot remember it.

essere sulla punta della lingua
verb uk /tɪp/ us /tɪp/ present participle tipping, past tense and past participle tipped

to move so that one side is higher than the other side

inclinarsi, capovolgersi
The table tipped over and all the drinks fell on the floor. Il tavolo si è capovolto e tutte le bibite sono finite per terra.

to make the contents of a container fall out by turning the container over

ribaltare, capovolgere
She tipped out the contents of her purse onto the table. Ha svuotato la borsa sul tavolo.

to give an extra amount of money to someone such as a driver to thank him or her for a service

dare la mancia

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