Übersetzung von “touch” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /tʌtʃ/ us /tʌtʃ/

B1 to put your hand on something

You can look at them but please don’t touch them. Li potete guardare ma per favore non toccate.
Don’t touch that pan – it’s hot. Non toccare quella pentola – scotta!

If two things touch, they are so close to each other that there is no space between them.

toccarsi, essere in contatto
These two wires must not touch. Questi due fili non devono toccarsi.

to cause feelings of sympathy in someone

commuovere, colpire
Her story touched us deeply. La sua storia ci ha profondamente commosso.
noun uk /tʌtʃ/ us /tʌtʃ/

the act of putting your hand on something

tocco, pressione
I felt the touch of his hand on my face. Ho sentito il tocco della sua mano sul viso.

[ no plural ] the ability to feel things by putting your hand on them

It was cold to the touch (= when I touched it). Era freddo al tatto.
get in touch

B1 to contact someone

mettersi in contatto
I’ve been trying to get in touch with her. È un po’ che cerco di mettermi in contatto con lei.
keep in touch

B1 to often speak to someone or write to them

tenersi in contatto
lose touch

to stop speaking with someone or writing to them

perdere i contatti
We’ve lost touch over the years. Ci siamo persi di vista con il passare degli anni.

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