Übersetzung von “turn” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /tɜːn/ us /tɜrn/

A2 to change direction when you are moving, or to make a car do this

svoltare, girare
Turn left at the traffic lights. Svoltate a sinistra al semaforo.
I turned the car into the drive. Sono entrato con la macchina nel viale di casa.

B1 to move your body so that you are facing a different direction

Ricky turned and saw Sue standing in the doorway. Ricky voltandosi ha visto Sue in piedi sulla porta.

B1 to move a page in a book or magazine in order to see the next one

voltare (pagina)
I offered to turn the pages for the pianist. Mi sono offerta di voltare le pagine per il pianista.
Turn to page 35. Andate a pagina 35.

to move around a central point in a circle, or to make something do this

girare, girarsi, voltarsi
Turn the steering wheel as quickly as you can. Gira il volante più velocemente che puoi.
turn blue, cold, etc.

to become blue, cold, etc.

diventare blu dal freddo, diventare freddo, ecc.
The sky turned black and it started to rain. Il cielo si è oscurato e ha cominciato a piovere.
not turn a hair

to not show any emotion when you are told something bad or when something bad happens

non batter ciglio
I was expecting him to be horrified when he heard the cost but he didn’t turn a hair. Mi aspettavo che fosse inorridito quando ha saputo il costo ma non ha battuto ciglio.
turn a deaf ear

to ignore someone when they complain or ask for something

fare orecchi da mercante
In the past they’ve tended to turn a deaf ear to such requests. Finora la tendenza è stata di ignorare questo tipo di richieste.
turn tail

to turn around and run away, usually because you are frightened

darsela a gambe
As soon as they saw we had guns, they turned tail and ran away. Appena si sono accorti che avevamo delle armi da fuoco se la sono data a gambe.
noun uk /tɜːn/ us /tɜrn/

a bend or corner in a road, river, etc.

Take the next turn on the right. Prendi la prossima svolta a destra.

B1 the time when you can or must do something, usually before or after someone else

It’s your turn to clean the flat. Sta a te pulire l’appartamento.
You’ll have to be patient and wait / your turn. Dovrai avere pazienza e aspettare / il tuo turno.
take turns UK also take it in turns

If two or more people take turns, one person does something, then another person does something, etc.

fare a turno
Mum and Dad take turns cooking. Mamma e papà fanno a turno a cucinare.

a change in the direction in which you are moving or facing

giro, svolta
a right/left turn una svolta a destra/sinistra
in turn

one after another

a turno
He spoke to the three boys in turn. Ha parlato con i tre ragazzi uno per uno.

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