Übersetzung von “use” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /juːz/ us /juz/ present participle using, past tense and past participle used

A1 If you use something, you do something with it for a particular purpose.

usare, utilizzare
Can I use your pen? Posso prendere la tua penna?
She uses / her car for work. Usa la macchina per lavoro.

B1 to take an amount from a supply of something

These light bulbs use less electricity. Queste lampadine consumano meno elettricità.

Phrasal Verb(s)


noun uk /juːs/ us /jus/

A2 [ no plural ] the act of using something, or the state of something being used

uso, utilizzo
Guests have free use of the hotel swimming pool. Gli ospiti dell’albergo hanno a disposizione l’uso gratuito della piscina.

B1 a purpose for which something is used

uso, utilizzo, applicazione
Can you find a use for this box? Puoi trovare un modo di utilizzare questa scatola?

one of the meanings of a word, or the way that a particular word is used

Can you list all the uses of the word ‘point’? Puoi fare un elenco di tutti gli usi della parola “point”?
be no use

used to say that trying to do something has no effect

essere inutile
It’s no use talking to him – he won’t listen. È inutile parlargli – non vuole ascoltare.

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