Übersetzung von “word” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /wɜːd/ us /wɜrd/

A1 a group of letters or sounds that mean something

‘Hund’ is the German word for ‘dog’. “Hund” è come si dice “cane” in tedesco.
not believe, understand, say, etc. a word

B1 to not believe, understand, say, etc. anything

non credere a, non capire, non dire, ecc. una parola
I don’t believe a word he says. Non credo a una parola di quello che dice.
in other words

used to explain what something means in a different way

in altre parole
He said he’s too busy. In other words, he isn’t interested. Ha detto che ha troppo da fare, in altre parole, non gli interessa.
have a word with someone

to talk to someone for a short time

dire due paroline a qualcuno
I’ll have a word with the neighbours about the noise. Vado a scambiare due parole con i vicini riguardo al rumore.
I’ll have a word with Ted and see if he wants to come. Sento Ted per vedere se vuole venire.
take someone’s word for it

to believe that what someone says is true

prendere qualcuno in parola
If he says there’s $500 in the envelope, then I’ll take his word for it. Se dice che ci sono $500 nella busta, lo prendo in parola.
word for word

using the exact words that were originally used

parola per parola
She repeated word for word what he had told her. Ha ripetuto parola per parola quello che le aveva detto.
give someone your word

to promise someone something

dare la propria parola d’onore a qualcuno
He gave me his word that he wouldn’t tell anyone. Mi ha dato la sua parola che non l’avrebbe detto a nessuno.
from the word go

from the start of something

fin dall’inizio, fin dal primo momento
The project had problems with funding right from the word go. Il progetto aveva problemi di finanziamento fin dall’inizio.

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