Übersetzung von “before” — Englisch–Katalanisch Wörterbuch


preposition uk /bɪˈfɔːr/ us /bɪˈfɔr/

A1 earlier than something or someone

abans de/que
a week before Christmas
She arrived before me.

A1 at a place where you arrive first when going towards another place

abans de
The hospital is just before the bridge.

B1 in front of someone or something in an order or a list

abans que
K comes before L in the English alphabet.

B1 in a position in front of someone or something

davant (de)
I’ve never performed this before an audience.
conjunction uk /bɪˈfɔːr/ us /bɪˈfɔr/

A2 earlier than the time when something happens

abans de/que
He was a teacher before he became famous.

B1 in order to avoid something bad happening

abans que
Put that stick down before you hurt someone!

B1 until

abans de/que
It took a few moments before I realized that he was joking.
adverb uk /bɪˈfɔːr/ us /bɪˈfɔr/

A2 at an earlier time

I’ve never seen her before.

(Übersetzung von “before” aus dem Cambridge Wörterbuch Englisch-Katalanisch © Cambridge University Press)