Die Übersetzung von "bright" - Englisch-Katalanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /braɪt/ us /brɑɪt/

A2 having a strong, light colour

bright yellow/blue

B1 full of light or shining strongly

brillant, lluminós
bright sunshine


He’s a bright boy.

happy or full of hope

alegre, positiu
You’re very bright and cheerful this morning!
She’s an excellent student with a bright future.
brightly adverb /braɪt·li/ /brɑɪt·li/

vivament, brillantment
UK brightly coloured / US brightly colored flowers
brightness noun [ no plural ] /braɪt·nəs/ /brɑɪt·nəs/

lluïssor, lluminositat, vivor
The brightness of the sunlight was dazzling.

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