Übersetzung von “heart” — Englisch–Katalanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /hɑːt/ us /hɑrt/

A2 the organ inside your chest that sends blood around your body

My heart was beating fast.

B1 the centre of something

Her office is in the heart of Tokyo.

B1 someone’s deepest feelings and true character

She has a kind heart.

a shape that is used to mean love

with all your heart

used to say that you feel something very strongly

de tot cor
I thank you with all my heart.
break someone’s heart

to make someone very unhappy

trencar el cor a algú
set your heart on something

to want to get or achieve something very much

voler ac més que cap altra
She’s set her heart on having a pony.
to your heart’s content

If you do something to your heart’s content, you do something enjoyable for as long as you want to do it

a cor què vols
You’ve got a whole week to yourself and you can read to your heart’s content.
hearts [ plural ]

one of the four suits (= groups) of playing cards

the five of hearts

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