Übersetzung von “high” — Englisch–Katalanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /haɪ/ us /hɑɪ/

A2 having a long distance from the bottom to the top

alt → Opposite low

B1 a long distance above the ground or the level of the sea

The village was high up in the mountains.

used to say how long the distance is from the top of something to the bottom

How high is it?
It’s ten feet high.

B1 great in amount or level

a high temperature
high prices
→ Opposite low

B1 very good

of high quality
She got high marks in her last exam.

important, powerful, or at an upper level of something

a high rank in the army

A high sound or note is near the top of the set of sounds that people can hear.

agut → Opposite low
adverb uk /haɪ/ us /hɑɪ/

B1 at or to a long distance above the ground

alt, a gran altura
He threw the ball high into the air.
We flew high above the city.

B1 at or to a large amount or level

Temperatures rose as high as 40 degrees.

(Übersetzung von “high” aus dem Cambridge Wörterbuch Englisch-Katalanisch © Cambridge University Press)