Übersetzung von “split” — Englisch–Katalanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /splɪt/ us /splɪt/ present participle splitting, past tense and past participle split

to share something by dividing it into smaller parts

dividir, repartir
The cost of the wedding will be split between the two families.

If something splits or if you split it, it tears so that there is a long, thin hole in it.

My trousers split when I sat down.
split your sides

to laugh a lot at something

trencar-se de riure
We nearly split our sides laughing/with laughter watching Paul trying to get the dog into the bicycle basket.

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun uk /splɪt/ us /splɪt/

a long, thin hole in something where it has broken apart

esquerda, estrip
There’s a split in my trousers.

the division of a group of people into smaller groups because they disagree about something

This issue is likely to cause a major split in the party.

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