Übersetzung von “bag” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /bæɡ/ us /bæɡ/

A1 a soft container made of paper, plastic, cloth, or other material, used for carrying things, especially things you have bought

a paper bag
a shopping bag
a bag of apples
I was carrying three bags of shopping.

A1 a strong container made of leather, plastic, or other material, usually with a handle, in which you carry personal things or things that you need for travelling

I hadn’t even packed my bags (= put the things I need in bags).
bags under your eyes

dark or loose skin under your eyes because of tiredness or old age

다크 서클, 피로함이나 나이때문에 생긴 눈 아래의 어둡고 부은 피부

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