Übersetzung von “care” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /keər/ us /keər/ present participle caring, past tense and past participle cared

B1 to feel interested in something or worried about it

She cares / a lot about her appearance.
I, you, etc. don’t care

B1 used to say that something is not at all important to you

나는 상관없다
I don’t care what she thinks.

B1 to love someone

-를 사랑하다
I only worry about him because I care about him.
who cares? informal

used to emphasize that you do not think something is important

알 게 뭐야?
‘We’re going to be late.’ ‘Who cares?’

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun uk /keər/ us /keər/

[ no plural ] the process of protecting or looking after someone or something

with care


Drive with care.
take care

B1 to give a lot of attention to what you are doing, especially something dangerous

The roads are very icy so take care when you drive home.
take care! informal

A2 used when saying goodbye to someone

몸 건강히 잘 지내, 안녕
See you soon, Bob – take care!
take care of someone/something

B1 to look after someone or something

-를 돌보다
My parents take care of the house while we’re away.

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