Übersetzung von “dark” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /dɑːk/ us /dɑrk/

A1 nearer to black than white in colour

(색이) 어두운
dark blue/green

A2 with no light or not much light

(빛이 없어) 어두운, 캄캄한
It doesn’t get dark until nine o’clock at night.

having black or brown hair or brown skin

검은색의, 갈색의
A short, dark woman with glasses arrived.
noun [ no plural ] uk /dɑːk/ us /dɑrk/
the dark

B1 a lack of light in a place

He’s scared of the dark.
before/after dark

B1 before or after it becomes night

어두워지기 전에, 어두워진 후에
She doesn’t let her children out after dark.
be in the dark

to not know about something that other people know about

아무것도 모르는

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