Übersetzung von “exit” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈek·sɪt/ us /ˈeɡ·zɪt, ˈek·sɪt/

A2 a door, window, or other opening that allows you to leave a structure or a vehicle

a fire exit
a plane’s emergency exits

A2 a road that you use to leave another, larger road such as a motorway

(도로) 출구
Take / the third exit and follow the signs to the park.
verb uk /ˈek·sɪt/ us /ˈeɡ·zɪt, ˈek·sɪt/

B1 to stop using a program on a computer

(컴퓨터 페이지등을) 종료하다
Press ‘escape’ to exit the game.

to leave a place

Please exit by the side doors.

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