Übersetzung von “far” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


adverb uk /fɑːr/ us /fɑr/

A2 used to talk about how distant something is

How far is it to the supermarket?

very much

(비교급의 강조로) 훨씬
Young people are far more independent these days.
as far as I know

used to say what you think is true, although you do not know all the facts

내가 아는 한
As far as I know, they are coming to the party.
by far

used to say that something is very much the biggest, the best, etc.

This is his best book by far.
so far

B1 until now

So far, we haven’t made much progress on the project.
adjective uk /fɑːr/ us /fɑr/ comparative farther or further, superlative farthest or furthest

describing the part of something that is most distant from you

(멀리 떨어진) 저 쪽에
His office is at the far end of the corridor.

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