Übersetzung von “flat” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /flæt/ us /flæt/ comparative flatter, superlative flattest

B1 smooth and level, with no lumps or curves

a flat surface

If a tyre is flat, it does not contain enough air.

바람이 빠진

Flat land is smooth and level, with no high or hollow parts

평평한, 평지인
The countryside around here is very flat.
adverb uk /flæt/ us /flæt/

in a horizontal or level position

Lie flat on your back and relax.
flat out

using all your energy or effort

온힘을 다해, 죽자사자
We’ve all been working flat out to finish the project on time.
fall flat

If an event or joke falls flat, it fails to have the effect that you wanted, such as making people laugh.

실패로 끝나다
All the jokes in his speech fell flat.
noun uk /flæt/ /flæt/

A1 UK US apartment a set of rooms for someone to live in on one level of a building or house

a large block of flats

mainly US UK also flat tyre, US flat tire a tyre that does not have any or enough air in it

바람이 빠진

a note that is slightly lower than the note that is shown

플랫음, 반음 낮은 음
a symphony in B flat

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