Übersetzung von “level” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈlev·əl/ us /ˈlev·əl/

A2 how good someone is at doing something compared to other people

Students at this level need a lot of help.

how high something is

the water level

the amount or number of something

The level of iron in her blood was too low.

a floor in a building

The store had three levels.
adjective uk /ˈlev·əl/ us /ˈlev·əl/

flat or horizontal

Make sure the camera is level before you take the picture.

at the same height

(높이가) 같은
I got down till my face was level with his.
verb uk /ˈlev·əl/ us /ˈlev·əl/ present participle UK levelling or US leveling, past tense and past participle UK levelled or US leveled

to make something flat

평평하게 하다
He levelled the wet cement before it set.

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