Übersetzung von “nose” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /nəʊz/ us /noʊz/

A1 the part of your face that you breathe through and smell with

a man with a big nose
stick your nose into something

to show too much interest in a situation that does not involve you

-에 참견하다
You shouldn’t go sticking your nose into other people’s business!
keep your nose out of something

to not become involved in other people’s activities or relationships

-에 참견하지 말아라
She can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business.
turn your nose up at something

to not accept something because it is not good enough

-에 퇴짜를 놓다
He turned his nose up at my food.

(Übersetzung von “nose” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)