Übersetzung von “pick” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /pɪk/ us /pɪk/

B1 to choose something or someone

(사람이나, 물건을) 선발하다, 고르다
He was picked for the school football team.

B1 If you pick flowers, fruit, etc., you take them off a tree or out of the ground.

I picked some apples this morning.
pick a fight/an argument

to start a fight or argument with someone

(다른 사람과 싸움을) 시작하다
pick someone’s pocket

to steal something from someone’s pocket

(다른사람의 물건을) 훔치다
noun [ no plural ] uk /pɪk/ us /pɪk/
take your pick

to choose what you want

원하는 것을 고르다
We’ve got tea, coffee, or hot chocolate – take your pick.

a sharp metal stick used to break hard ground or rocks


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