Übersetzung von “pin” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/

B1 a thin piece of metal with a sharp point used to fasten pieces of cloth together or to fasten an object to cloth

She pricked her finger on a pin.

a piece of jewellery or another small object that is fastened to clothes with a pin

장식용 핀, 브로치
verb uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/ present participle pinning, past tense and past participle pinned

B1 to fasten something with a pin

핀으로 고정시키다
She had a ribbon pinned to her jacket.


noun uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/

abbreviation for personal identification number: a number that no one else knows that allows you to use a plastic card to pay for things or get money from a bank

비밀 번호

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