Übersetzung von “race” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /reɪs/ us /reɪs/

A2 a competition in which people run, ride, drive, etc. against each other in order to see who is the fastest

a horse race

one of the groups that people are divided into, having the same colour skin or hair and other things that are the same

people of many different races
verb uk /reɪs/ us /reɪs/ present participle racing, past tense and past participle raced

B1 to compete in a race

경주 하다
I’ll race you to the end of the street!

to move somewhere very quickly

어디론가 재빨리 움직여 이동하다
I raced over to see what was wrong.

to take someone somewhere very quickly

(-를 데리고) 쏜살같이 가다
Ambulances raced the injured to a nearby hospital.

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