Übersetzung von “set” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /set/ us /set/ present participle setting, past tense and past participle set

B1 to arrange a time when something will happen

날짜를 정하다
Should we set a date for the next meeting?
The next meeting is set for 6 February.

B1 When the sun sets, it moves down in the sky so that it cannot be seen.

(해가) 지다

B1 If a book, play, or movie is set in a place or period of time, the story happens there or at that time.

(책, 연극, 영화의 배경을) 설정하다
It’s a historical adventure set in India in the 1940s.

to make a piece of equipment ready to be used

(알람, 기계를) 맞추다
He set the alarm for 7 a.m.
set someone free

to allow someone to leave prison

set fire to something

to make something start burning

불을 지르다
set the table

to put plates, knives, forks, etc. on the table before you have a meal

식탁을 차리다

If a liquid substance sets, it becomes solid.

(액체가) 굳어지다

UK If you set work or an exam at a school or college, you ask the students to do it.

(숙제, 업무등을) 부과하다
Mr Harley forgot to set us any science homework.
noun uk /set/ us /set/

A2 a group of things that belong together

a set of instructions
a set of keys

B1 a television or radio

텔레비전, 라디오
a TV set
adjective uk /set/ us /set/

fixed and never changing

Most people work for a set number of hours each week.
I have no set routine.
be set against something

to be determined not to do something

-에 반대하는
Why are you so set against going to college?

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