Übersetzung von “value” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈvæl·juː/ us /ˈvæl·ju/

B1 the amount of money something could be sold for

(가격) 가치
Cars go down in value quickly.

B1 [ no plural ] how useful or important something is

(중요성) 가치
be good value

B1 If something is good value, it is of good quality or you think the amount of money you spent on it was right.

품질이 좋은
The meal was very good value.
values [ plural ]

the beliefs that people have about what is right and wrong and what is most important in life

traditional values
verb uk /ˈvæl·juː/ us /ˈvæl·ju/ present participle valuing, past tense and past participle valued

If you value something or someone, that thing or person is very important to you.

소중히 여기다
I always value his opinion.

to judge how much money something could be sold for

가치를 평가하다
The ring was valued at $1,000.

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