Übersetzung von “weight” — Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch


noun [ no plural ] uk /weɪt/ us /weɪt/

B1 how heavy someone or something is

He’s about average height and weight.

the quality of being heavy

The shelf collapsed under the weight of the books.
lose weight

If someone loses weight, they become lighter and thinner.

살이 빠지다
You look thinner – have you lost weight?
put on/gain weight

If someone puts on weight or gains weight, they become heavier and fatter.

살이 찌다
I put on a lot of weight when I lost my job.
gain weight

If someone gains weight, he or she becomes heavier and fatter.

살이 찌다
I gained a lot of weight after I lost my job.
pull your weight

to work as hard as other people in a group

(다른 사람 못지 않게) 일을 열심히 하다
The rest of the team complained that Sarah wasn’t pulling her weight.

(Übersetzung von “weight” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Koreanisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)