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verb uk strong /wʊd/ us strong /wʊd/ weak /wəd/ weak /wəd/ us strong /wʊd/ weak /wəd/

B1 used to say what might happen if something else happens

(상상하는 일이 발생할 경우)-일 것이다
What would you do if you lost your job?

B1 used as the past form of ‘will’

“will”의 과거형으로 쓰임
Lottie promised that she would help.
The car wouldn’t start this morning.

B1 used to talk about a situation that you can imagine happening

(상상속에서 일어 날 수 있는 일을 말할때) -일 것이다
It would be fun to go to New York.
would like/love something

A1 used to say politely that you want something

(공손하게 요구할때)-하고 싶습니다
I’d (= I would) like a cup of coffee, please.
would you…?

used to politely ask someone something

(정중하게 질문할 때)-하시겠습니까?
Would you bring me a glass of water, please?

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